Coin Vision [The Blog]

  • Tyger (Lorde Vice) on the @VonRebelShow

    Tyger and Myles come on the show and play my new segment “Hood jeopardy “ where music artist rack points for sponsor gifts and or opportunity prizes. 10 questions and who ever has the highest score at the end of every month wins . Podcast News and Updates presented by Habari Entertainment with Iesha and Dip!
  • Independent Erie hip-hop artist Aaron Rennel in tune with vision

    Rennel is an Erie-born entrepreneur, rap force and label owner who has opened up for major acts such as Montana of 300, Lil Cray, CHXPO and more

  • Major Coin Accepts Love

    Entrepreneurial hip-hop group Major Coin have been on the grind to expand their name for years, drawing more and more people into their blueprint of music and fashion. Consisting of rappers and siblings Kenny Ba$e and Aaron Rennel, along with producer/engineer Chauncy Bill$up, the "Make It Stack" team continues to carve their own path, locking themselves in the studio to create memorable moments for the world to hear. 

  • Artists Adapt Through Pandemic

      Written by Charles Brown (Dec 16, 2020)      It goes without saying that 2020 hasn't been short on surprises, with COVID-19's rude awakening ...
  • Tales Behind the Creative, Episode 14: Chauncy Bill$Up

    On the fourteenth installment of Tales Behind the Creative we welcome local music producer and audio engineer, Chauncy Bill$Up. Bill$Up, who is an independent contractor has been in the industry for six years now and continues to expand his brand in more ways than one. 
  • Who Is Chauncy Bill$up?

    Chauncy Bill$up isn't just any regular Erie native. The 29-year-old former semi-pro athlete is also one of the highest accredited hip-hop producers and engineers in the city. Formerly owning a record label based in SoHo, many of Bill$up's tracks have racked up millions of plays across multiple streaming platforms.
  • Aaron Rennel Interview with the Young Game Changers

    Simonique Dietz of the Young Game Changers caught up with Major Coin's Aaron Rennel to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, politics in Erie, and life as an entrepreneur/artist.