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  • Aaron Rennel Interview with the Young Game Changers

    Simonique Dietz of the Young Game Changers caught up with Major Coin's Aaron Rennel to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, politics in Erie, and life as an entrepreneur/artist. 
  • Black People Made Your Favorite Music

    Written By Gabriel Estrada

    Whether you know it or not, a large portion of the music we listen to has roots in black culture. A lot of the music we listen to today would not be here if it weren't for the innovation and creativity of black individuals and this is not credited enough. Often, the origins of our favorite genres and hit records are forgotten by no fault of our own, however in a time of information it is easier now to look back and pay respect to those who deserve it. I hope that through this, you will gain a new found appreciation for your favorite song(s) and love them even more the next time you play them. Play them a little louder while you're at it too, let your friends know what you learned and lets all jam out. 

  • Truth to Power, BLM in Erie, PA

    Speak a little truth and your job gets put in jeopardy.. Ruffle a few feathers by being in a neighborhood they don’t want you in, and now it’s “consider a location change”. I agree, we need more minorities and BLACK people involved but I’m not going to vilify them for not being more involved, because I understand the dynamics at play. A lot of the people who these issues directly face, have already fallen victim to the system. Since Erie is such an old community with such deeply embedded racist ideals, a lot of BLACK people and minorities have lost hope that anything can change; and restoring that hope in the eyes and hearts of ppl is going to take more than 2-3 weeks of increased awareness. We have to know what we’re dealing with if we are going to honestly deal with it.


    Photo taken by: Maggie Holmgren